18 December 2006

Who is Mamdouh Stephanos?

Let me be a little more precise... who exactly is Mamdouh Stephanos to Stephane Dion... I mean, in addition to being his financial lifeline?

When you're in the political fight of your life, what sort of collateral, besides your immortal soul that is... do you pledge for a chilly $350,000.00?

Liberal MP St├ęphane Dion - Total money borrowed: $655,000

Name of Lender

1. Mamdouh Stephanos: $200,000

2. Mamdouh Stephanos: $150,000

3. James Carroll: $30,000

4. Marc de la Bruyere: $100,000

5. Roderick Bryden: $50,000

6. Stephen Bronfman: $50,000

7. Christopher Hoffmann: $25,000

8. Remi Nault: $50,000
C'mon Stephane, introduce us to your new best friend.

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Dan McKenzie said...

I think Bourque brought this up a long time ago. I believe it was resolved but I can't remember how.

Neo Conservative said...

well heck dan, that clears everything up...

Anonymous said...

That $350,000 'investment' could translate into millions of dollars if the Liberals get their hands on the treasury again, a lot of people would mortgage their house and give it to the Liberal Party if they had a chance - of course it's criminal, but they know Liberals get away with crime in Canada, that's part of our national fabric.