13 December 2006

How does this guy get around...

... without trippin' over his balls?

I don't know what I admire more... Sgt. Abdoul Guindo's gung-ho attitude, or his wacky sense of humour.

He's been bombed, strafed and mortared at least 12 times, maybe more. "I prefer the phrase 'living legend' to 'crap magnet,'" he said, cackling.
This guy represents our commitment to 'doing the right thing' despite the danger to his own life. I'd love to put him in a room with Gilles Duceppe & Taliban Jack.
Guindo was born in Quebec City to a Haitian Catholic mother and a Muslim father. He was raised Catholic, and devout.

"Hundred per cent Quebec Catholic boy, cross tattooed on the arm, St. Michael medal around the neck, the whole nine yards," he said.

"How my folks got married I don't know. I blame alcohol."
This is a Canadian soldier.

h/t Phantom Observer

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Anonymous said...

carefull about talking about guindo. he'll eat your soul, and then ask for seconds.