03 December 2006

We're talkin' "major pucker factor"

In todays other Conservative sponsored news stories, Taliban assholes puckered up and seized tight... all over the Panjwaii.

At 5:10 p.m. local time, a Canadian tank fired its first shot in combat in five decades. It was followed by a second blast at the Taliban a few moments later, the boom of the 105-millimetre cannon echoing off the rocks.
Sorry Timmy, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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KristinB said...

I am happy to see them there. Too many of our troops have lost their lives to not do this. And, as the article says, it is a major morale boost as well.

kursk said...

Timmy Taliban received a 105mm enema today...like the head and shoulders bottle says...repeat if necessary..

Neo Conservative said...

close air support and 'arty' can be a godsend for the infantry... but there's nothing like having your own on-scene armour to 'reach out and touch somebody'.