07 December 2006

Hydro, we don' need no stinkin' hydro

UPDATE: Liberal party favours - $127-million on credit cards

TORONTO - The president of Hydro One resigned yesterday and walked away with a $3-million severance package only four days after Ontario's Auditor-General raised concerns about the use of corporate credit cards at the company.

All puff, no blow...
Meanwhile, the province has put the brakes on a wind power mega-project proposed for Lake Ontario off the shores of Prince Edward County.

The Ontario government has deferred Trillium Power Energy Corp.'s plans to build a 710-megawatt wind farm - the largest of its kind in North America...

The Toronto-based private company had proposed building as many as 140 wind turbines in a shallow area of Lake Ontario 17 to 25 kilometres offshore near the Canada/United States water border.
The smart money says buy your generator now... because Dalton's still sitting on his thumb.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a story about Dalton McGuinty lying about privatizing Ontario Hydro.