18 December 2006

Tense? Well, that's one word

Hamas is rejecting the call for elections to jumpstart the paralyzed Palestinian government... and finding creative ways not to say the word "murder."

“We confirm that the Palestinian government refuses the invitation to early elections because it is unconstitutional and could cause tension among Palestinians,” Mr. Haniyeh said.
I'm not sure what sort of "tension" Hamas mouthpiece Ismail Haniyeh is worried about... but the wholesale violence over the last week in Palestine, including a botched assassination attempt that killed 3 small boys, shows every sign of turning into full-blown civil war.
The shooting erupted only hours after the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas reached a ceasefire that was to end days of bloody fighting.

Elsewhere, the bullet-riddled body of a top security officer affiliated with Fatah, Colonel Adnan Rahmi, was discovered in northern Gaza several hours after he disappeared, Palestinian medical officials and his family said.
The ceasefire so loudly lauded in the mainstream media this weekend, has turned out to be, no surprise... more of a short break to procure ammunition. Along with no jobs, no food and no functioning government, I guess that could make people a little irritable.

Maybe we could send in Taliban Jack to reason with them.

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Anonymous said...

Or send Solid Stephen acommpanied by Horny MacKay for a a gay party!

Neo Conservative said...

hey robert, what's next... farting noises with your armpit?