31 December 2006

Eco-warrior Liberals strangely silent

Remember how the Liberals went ape when Stephen Harper dared to publicise the case of a Canadian citizen jailed in China?

-- It's funny, but I've yet to hear a peep out of Steffi and his pack of small noisy dogs, about the way China is laying waste to the global environment.

It is often darkness at noon in Datong, just 160 miles west of Beijing, where vehicles drive in daytime with their headlights on to grope through the miasma.

One of the four filthiest towns in China, it stands at the heart of the nation’s coal belt in Shanxi province, a region that mines more coal every year than Britain, Russia and Germany combined.
Most Ontarians are familiar with the political fallout from Dalton McGuinty's broken promise to close the coal fired generating plants in Ontario. Compare our situation with what is going on in China...
The Chinese plan to build no fewer than 500 new coal-fired power stations, adding to some 2,000, most of them unmodernised, that spew smoke, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.
Even without the extra 500 plants, the toxic clouds from China can be seen from space as they make their way across the Pacific Ocean to North America.

C'mon Steffi... this is your big chance. Speak up.

UPDATE: Maybe Steffi should keep quiet
While the Liberals signed the Kyoto accord in 1998 and ratified it in 2002, not only did our emissions go up by 24.2% compared to 13.3% for the U.S. from 1990 to 2003 -- which the media did report -- but that left us with the sixth worst record among the world's key industrialized nations.

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James Higham said...

Strange. I've just posted on China myself. They're environmental terrorists. Have a Happy New Year, Neocon.

Anonymous said...

There are very good reasons why the marxist/socialist cabal(liberal/new democrat) have no harsh words on this issue.

Simply put, the Chinese are good people.

They're like, Communists!

Cheers! Happy New Year to all!

Neo Conservative said...

there are so many reasons, quite apart from their international trade in female offspring, to point accusatory fingers at the mainland chinese.

hopefully, chinese immigrants to other parts of the world will shake off the various barbaric practices (many, admittedly, courtesy of mao's communist party) of their ancestral homeland.

Anonymous said...

Liberals failed the environment, they were too busy stealing to bother probably. They didn't fail because of silly CO2 emissions, that's a bunch of meaningless Kyoto-drivel, they failed in pollution control policy - they did nothing while our neighbours to the south strengthened their environmental protection. Any country that allows its environmental protection policies to diverge significantly from its similar neighbours can likely end up with far more pollution.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more scary than a leftist with a silver spoon in their mouth that believe commies will be grateful for their treachory.
(real conservative)