06 December 2006

Everyday Feminine Protection

And they say chivalry is dead...

I'm willing to buy a woman a gun to defend herself (value up to $700) plus pay for the two tests necessary to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License, plus pay for the license itself, plus pay for membership in a licensed gun club.
While Frank's heart is in the right place, the only time a Canadian woman would be legally allowed to defend herself with a gun would be, ironically... if she were attacked at a gun range.

Despite what the Libs & Dippers are telling you, owners of legally registered handguns aren't walking around downtown just dying to whip out their iron and start blasting.

Handguns in Canada have been restricted and required registration since the 1930's. Any Calamity Jane who imagines that she'll be permitted to carry a handgun has watched too many Dirty Harry movies.

The real trouble is with illegal, unregistered guns owned by thugs.

That's what makes the Farmer Bob Rifle Registry such a joke.

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K. Shoshana said...

I respectfully disagree, the real problem is that legal hand gun owners are not running around shooting. I really do believe that I should have the right to blow away the drug dealers that camp out on my porch to sell drugs - especially in the light of the fact the police refuse to deal with it.

Neo Conservative said...

kate... you're preaching to the choir here. as far as i'm concerned, 'gun control' is being able to hit your target.

i was addressing the legal ramifications in our largely lib constructed nanny state... which just pissed away 2 billion dollars to track farmers, hunters and gun collectors perfectly legal rifles.

the legislation glosses over the illegal handguns being used by motorcycle gangs, the mob and bands of 'youth' of various ethnic stripes that account for most murders on the canadian urban landscape.

you may choose to carry a weapon, be that the venerable colt detective special pictured in the post, or a perfectly legal canister of bear spray (about 50 bucks at outdoor stores) and simply take the legal conseqyences... which are very likely not as harsh as being raped or killed.

as robert heinlein once said, "an armed society is a polite society."

WED said...

The Liberals want to make law abiding citizens suffer by banning all forms of fire arms, and the problem is simple.

The drug dealers, rapists and criminals have weapons. We don't. Shit.