15 December 2006

If you kiss enough ass...

Do you eventually just not notice the taste anymore?

Hey Mikey, you suckhole... you forgot Zoroastrians.

Attorney General Michael Bryant said he dropped by the courthouse yesterday to "say hello to people, to wish them all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a good Kwanzaa and otherwise to have a good holiday."
By dropping by the courthouse and serially kissing up to Christians, Jews and Blacks, Michael Bryant figures he's spreading warm, gooey politically correct Liberal oil on the stormy Christmas Tree water.

As this Globe and Mail poll shows, 80 percent of the populace disagrees.

UPDATE: Where is Attorney General Michael Bryant now?

Funny, you never see him up at Jane & Finch spreading Kwanzaa cheer.
A 13-year-old boy walked into an emergency room with a bullet wound to the arm and a 16-year-old was rushed to Sunnybrook hospital after a double shooting in the Jane and Finch area last night.
I guess he's got more important things to do.

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Layla said...

hahahahahahaahhaahaha wow

that's great.

I love when a politician shows up to an event, says the things he/she is supposed to say, get pics taken.

and leaves!

Neo Conservative said...

all these politically correct leftbots are so pathetic i just don't understand how they even manage to breed.

pls don't get me started again today, or i'm gonna blow an artery.

Anonymous said...

That ignorant bastard is oppressing me by using the word holiday because it's derived from the words 'holy' and 'day'!

As a heathen in the christian tradition i feel hard done by and look forward to a big fat cheque courtesy of the taxpayers for this politicians grave mistake!