22 December 2006

What... everybody's got enough virgins?

Taliban fighters have apparently gone to ground, rather than square off with Canadian forces in this latest operation...

NATO troops have encountered little resistance in their execution of Operation Falcon's Summit, which was billed as a major offensive into Taliban country in Afghanistan.

An estimated 400 Taliban insurgents located south of Howz-e Madad have nowhere to go, according to NATO, because the area is surrounded by Canadians to the north and east, British forces to the west, and American and British troops to the south.
The dearth of jihadis is due, no doubt in part, to the more direct, indeed Harper-like message that preceded the advance.
For hard core Taliban members the message is more severe. It reads: "Enemies of the Islamic Rebublic of Afghanistan leave this area." Alongside a picture of a prisoner, it reads: "If we catch you, you will die."
I'm thinkin' we go with less carrot and more stick for a little while.

It seems to have made an impression.

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Anonymous said...

f'n rights boys. kick some ass!!!
we're with ya all the way!

Neo Conservative said...

well... except for steffi dion, that is.