07 December 2006

Dion distilled

This is how to disassemble a fallacy... talk about surgery with words...

Someone needs to provide me with a rational explanation as to why I should vote for a party leader who can barely express himself in intelligible spoken English, and to add insult to injury, also insists on retaining the citizenship of another country.
This isn't about the fine print legality of dual citizenship, or even the fact that Dion's English makes Jean Chretien sound like Alistair Cooke.

If Stephane Dion is truly committed to the service of this great country, if he is truly a man with a mission, he wouldn't be squabbling over whether or not to give up his, hopefully largely symbolic, French citizenship.

To paraphrase the movie Jerry Maguire... "Show me the loyalty!!!"

Everybody says Dion's a really smart guy. I'm just not seeing it.
Dion is not helping himself by reacting emotionally, revealed in his testy exchanges with reporters after his dual citizenship was first raised by Calgary Sun columnist Ezra Levant. Levant pointed out, rightly, that the Grits would go nuts if Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a dual Canadian-American citizen.

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Jeff said...

the Grits would go nuts if Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a dual Canadian-American citizen.

if you're honest with yourself, you will realize that for all practical purposes, harper is a dual citizen.

george dubya claims english as his first language. dion makes much more sense than bush.

finally,you can relax. dion doesn't need the support of simple-minded conservatives to defeat stephen "bush lite" harper.

Neo Conservative said...

ah jeffie... you call that an argument? you better stick to trolling over at rabble.ca


stephen harper is a canadian citizen. period.

kennedy's lack of french was a big hairy ball deal... bit dion's english is suddenly ok?

dion has no principles... despite the rhetoric, his record on kyoto is abysmal... the clarity act was poached from harper's private members bill of years earlier... and his allegiance to canada doesn't preclude holding french citizenship.

he's an accidental leader with the same old liberal values.

suck on that, you dreamer.