16 December 2006

So much for the law of the land

Chalk up another victory for Dalton McGuinty and the PC Brigade...

Reinforcing the oh-so-familiar Liberal position that in Ontario, there is one set of laws for aboriginals and another set for the rest of us, the OPP arrested two men as they approached the disputed and occupied land in Caledonia.

Bear in mind that these men were arrested for simply approaching taxpayer owned land, with the sole intent of putting a Canadian flag on display... the same thing that the aboriginal contingent occupying the land was doing.

McHale was arrested along with Mark Vandermaas of London, by the Ontario Provincial Police as they approached the property waving Canadian flags.

CTV's Joel Bowey said the men intended to post the Canadian flag across the street from where aboriginal flags are currently flying.
Contrast the Liberals sliding scale of justice with the position of provincial Conservative Leader John Tory.
John Tory said the Liberals should refuse to negotiate with Six Nations as long as they remain on the disputed land.

There should be "one set of rules" for everyone, Tory said. While Six Nations protesters are allowed to fly their flags on the occupied land, residents who tried to put up Canadian flags near the land recently were threatened with arrest, Tory said.

"This just breeds disrespect for the law," he said. "It breeds a lot of tension and anxiety that I think is unnecessary.

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Anonymous said...

Human rights are meaningless to radical left wing liberals unless they have the power to take them away from someone or use the language of human rights for meaningless talking points. Lefties really are nasty selfish people.

my puny brain said...

From the Maclean's article you linked to --

"Six Nations protesters are no longer occupying the land illegally because the province bought the land and doesn't object to the occupation, the court found."

Maybe Dalton doesn't object, but this taxpayer does !! Bring in the army !!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Dalton bought the land, and now he is trying to give himself a big raise too!

But no eye exams for the residents of Ontario. Maybe sex-change operations if they get lucky, but no eye exams. Abortions are o.k. though. Just stick it to the taxpayer. They'll vote Dalton in no matter what he tries.

We are a pathetic bunch. The rest of Canada must look at Ontario and shake their heads in disbelief.