07 December 2006

A matter of principle

Unless, of course, I knew we were going to lose...

Thank you for that, Stephane.

He said he was helped in his decision by the fact that the motion is procedural, asking only whether the government should act to end gay and lesbian marriage.

If it had gone to directly striking down same-sex marriage, Mr. Dion said he would have whipped the caucus because the unions are protected by the Charter of Rights.
See Steffi, the whole point of having principles, is that they're not wobbly... they don't change depending on the tactical situation. Apparently the Liberals are more practical than that.
A number of Liberal MPs remain strong opponents of same-sex marriage but will still reject the motion.
I'm stickin' with people with actual "principles."

UPDATE: Dion contemplates dumping Mom's "gift"
I love my mother and I love what she gave to me. And so to remove that from me, I'd be sad,” Mr. Dion said.

“This being said, if I see that it's a liability for our winnability, I will do it.”
Maybe Stephane Dion should look up "principles" in a dictionary.

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