13 December 2006

Not so safe-injection site

The latest lefty outcry over capital punishment...

STARKE, FLA. — A man convicted of murdering the manager of a topless bar 27 years ago was executed by injection Wednesday, appearing to grimace before dying 34 minutes after receiving the first dose of chemicals.
The moonbats are losing their minds because this piece of filth didn't check out with a smile, peacefully drifting towards the light, or in this case... the fire and brimstone at the end of the tunnel.

Who exactly was this fine upstanding citizen?
Diaz, who had a previous conviction for second-degree murder in Puerto Rico...
I'm just thinking, in the best of all possible worlds, a twice convicted murderer really deserves two executions. They should have revived this piece of filth, offered him another last meal and then got out the really big syringe.

And he should be thankful it's not filled with battery acid... because a peaceful exit is much, much more than this thug deserves.

Is it too much to ask the overwrought leftoids to save a few tears for the real victims here?

UPDATE: Can't wait for the movie
BERKELEY, Calif., Dec. 13 — As drama, what happened on stage at the Black Repertory Theater of Berkeley early Wednesday morning was not classic theatrical fare. The actors were mostly motionless, the play had only one line, and everyone in the audience knew how the story was going to end.

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Jordan Alcock said...

or perhaps a return to the days of the guillotine... that fabled 10 seconds or so of consciousness would certainly be adequate punishment.

Neo Conservative said...

jordan... that's close.

i try to imagine what would be sufficient punishment if someone, say... murdered a member of my family.

i believe i would want to have that person in my custody... where i could execute him a little bit every day. he'd be crying for a lethal injection before the end of the first day.

alas, it still wouldn't be enough.

Anonymous said...

All those bleeding heart liberals make me sick. All we heard was about how Diaz suffered and died but nothing about the victim. I'm sure the gunshot he suffered hurt a hell of a lot more than an iv stick

Neo Conservative said...

this was his second murder... he should have never had the chance.