17 December 2006

Jesus Christ... don't say the "C" word

Much like Jack "Home for the unspecified and totally insignificant holiday" Layton, a good Liberal never uses the "C" word...

Last year, during the Christmas election campaign then-prime minister Paul Martin bought a wreath. Asked by a reporter if he was buying a holiday wreath or a Christmas wreath, Martin laughed and said: "It's a $240 wreath."
It's this sort of evasion and hypocrisy that allows a man who has described himself as a devout Catholic, to champion homosexual marriage.

Most people overlook the fact that the "value system" that so many people are so quick to ridicule or deny, is the very reason Canada is such a tolerant nation. In a Muslim country for example, Mr. Martin's jubilant homosexual cotillion would be, well, how can I put this delicately... murdered.

As Licia Corbella points out...
The great irony in all of these examples is the very reason we are such a tolerant and free society is because our society is based on the Judeo-Christian ethic. It's why people of all faiths and races risk and sacrifice so much to move here.

With the exception of Japan and Israel, the only free countries in the world are all founded on Christianity.

Chip away at that foundation and what are you left with?

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Anonymous said...

What a joke.

Someone tried to trap Martin and he had a witty remark to defuse the situation. If he doesn't want to say Merry Christmas, why should he? It was a stupid question to ask him, because it was forcing him to pick a side for no reason other than to try and pigeonhole him. His feelings on the matter don't make a difference unless he decides to make or decide on legislation. Are we at the point where we force people to say a certain greeting, and criticize and judge them if they don't?

Corbella is an idiot. Either she has no grasp of history, rights, liberalism (small-l), the enlightment (which was a response to the church) or the roots of democracy, or she's being deliberately disingenuous and grossly misrepresenting the thousands of arguments in support of secular concepts of rights, freedom, liberty and morality. I don't have the time to waste discussing how many ways she is wrong. Were she to actually hold a debate on the topic outside of her cushy insulated newspaper column, she would be roundly trounced and she knows it.

Also: what does any of this column have to do with Jack Layton? You have no link to him at all, other than to tie him in with some mostly disconnected thoughts about Martin, Christmas and how Licia Corbella thinks religion created everything of value in the world. What are you trying to say here besides "I'm pissed off, I'm a Christian, and I don't like Jack Layton or Paul Martin"? The only other theme I can see is that you think everyone should say 'Merry Christmas' rather than 'Happy Holidays' or 'Seasons Greetings', or whatever other blasphemy you've identified.

Lissette said...

I think your post was great. "Anonymous" above me shows the typical cowardlynessof a liberal in that he/she (male and female liberals are equally stupid) didn't even leave a nickname behind.


Concerned said...

Here's a little thing I do when someone says to me "Happy Holidays". I immediately ask them, "What holiday is that?" It's amazing and extremely humurous to what them trip all over their tongues. Try it. You'll like it.

Neo Conservative said...

more of a half-witty retort by mr dithers, i think. well, i suppose i should be flattered that anony-mouse wrote me an essay.

like all of his rodent friends, mr mouse chooses to ignore the thrust of the argument.

paul martin has publicly claimed to be a devout catholic... yet he is so conditioned by his politically correct leanings that he can't even acknowledge a 2000 year old tradition that celebrates the birth of jesus christ.

another small point... i'm not sure which brand of new-age catholicism it is that celebrates homosexual marriage, cause the one i know about... doesn't.

the mouse didn't take the time to look at any other posts, or he would have seen... "Jack Layton, on the other hand, issued a release yesterday announcing he will spend the weekend in his constituency, "celebrating the holiday season.""
Which holiday isn't mentioned.

anony-mouse can take his pc cant back to myblahg or rabble.ca where the rodentia get all warm and fuzzy by licking each other's naughty bits.