13 December 2006

Try this one out on your boss.

Well, looky here... Dalton's got no problem with extending the legislative session at Queen's Park to give himself a big fat raise.

TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending a proposed 25 per cent pay raise for Ontario politicians as “the right thing to do.”
That's also what Premier McShifty said about a 3 million dollar severance payment to the guy who resigned over malfeasance at Ontario Hydro.

It sure doesn't sound right to me.

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WED said...

The Liberals love their pay raises. What a sweet job it is to lie your way into power, follow through on a tiny fraction of your campaign promises and then at the end of the day decide you deserve a raise. Right on, McGuinty. You Liberals know how to live the good life.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"Try this one out on your boss."

We ARE his boss!!! This is totally disgusting. I can't stomach it.

Anonymous said...

This is the Premier who is screaming for Ontario's fiscal imbalance. I'd say, if he can give all his MP's and himself a nice big fat raise(even more than his federal counterparts)there is no fiscal imbalance Guity, just a greedy hand stuck out. This ought to wise up our Prime Minister. I think I'll send this along to his office.

Anonymous said...

Who needs the Lottery when you can get fired from Ontario Hydro for being a caught corrupt Liberal appointee. That must be the best job in the Province, ka-ching!

Anonymous said...

Lucky for us partisans, John Tory is in favour of it too


Neo Conservative said...

hey matt... john tory left a million dollar a year job at rogers to be an mpp.

just who introduced the motion and is extending the session to get it passed?

that make a difference?

Anonymous said...

Neo: It may make a difference to some, but grassroots conservatives like myself aren't pleased about Tory's acceptance of it.

Despite Tory's CV and despite it's Dalton's legislation, Tory is still supporting it and I staunchly disagree with him

Neo Conservative said...

tory is an independantly wealthy man... my guess is he's under pressure from his mpp's.

i agree... still no excuse. he blew this one.