13 December 2006

Try this one out on your boss.

Well, looky here... Dalton's got no problem with extending the legislative session at Queen's Park to give himself a big fat raise.

TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending a proposed 25 per cent pay raise for Ontario politicians as “the right thing to do.”
That's also what Premier McShifty said about a 3 million dollar severance payment to the guy who resigned over malfeasance at Ontario Hydro.

It sure doesn't sound right to me.

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William said...

The Liberals love their pay raises. What a sweet job it is to lie your way into power, follow through on a tiny fraction of your campaign promises and then at the end of the day decide you deserve a raise. Right on, McGuinty. You Liberals know how to live the good life.

Joanne said...

"Try this one out on your boss."

We ARE his boss!!! This is totally disgusting. I can't stomach it.

Anonymous said...

This is the Premier who is screaming for Ontario's fiscal imbalance. I'd say, if he can give all his MP's and himself a nice big fat raise(even more than his federal counterparts)there is no fiscal imbalance Guity, just a greedy hand stuck out. This ought to wise up our Prime Minister. I think I'll send this along to his office.

Anonymous said...

Who needs the Lottery when you can get fired from Ontario Hydro for being a caught corrupt Liberal appointee. That must be the best job in the Province, ka-ching!

Matt said...

Lucky for us partisans, John Tory is in favour of it too


Neo Conservative said...

hey matt... john tory left a million dollar a year job at rogers to be an mpp.

just who introduced the motion and is extending the session to get it passed?

that make a difference?

Matt said...

Neo: It may make a difference to some, but grassroots conservatives like myself aren't pleased about Tory's acceptance of it.

Despite Tory's CV and despite it's Dalton's legislation, Tory is still supporting it and I staunchly disagree with him

Neo Conservative said...

tory is an independantly wealthy man... my guess is he's under pressure from his mpp's.

i agree... still no excuse. he blew this one.