18 December 2006

Dion... Mr. Dithers in short pants

Disproving the widely held perception that the Liberals couldn't possibly be any more lost than they were this time last year... Stephane Dion seems intent on making Paul Martin look arrogantly decisive.

Rather than call Duceppe's bluff by not welching on the commitment that former prime minister Paul Martin and his successor, Stephen Harper, have made to Afghanistan and the deeply committed young men and women from Canada rotating through six-month tours there, Dion has been testing the political winds.

The Liberal leader has declared that he may support a negotiated withdrawal of Canadian troops. Just who Dion intends to "negotiate" with -- NATO? The Americans? The Afhgan government? The UN? The Taliban? -- is a mystery.
The Liberal Party got so used to governing by polls, that, in Opposition, they can't seem to make any sort of decisions all on their own.

Perhaps Deputy Leader Ignatieff can stiffen Dion's spine.

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Charlie Barnard said...

If you thought about it for more than 30 seconds before posting a partisan attack it would be clear that the only ones to negotiate with would be parliament. I personally don't believe in a withdrawl at this point, but negotiations in parliament of some sort would be very welcome, don't you think?

Neo Conservative said...

sorry charlie... i think i'll stick with rick hillier and just about every other actual soldier i've heard from. they say they're doing a lot of real good over there and that it would be nuts to bug out now.

but i'm sure matthew fisher of the national post, the author of the article, wants to hear your wonderfully wise and vastly experienced but decidedly civilian 19 year-old opinion.

if steffi thinks it's such a bad thing, all he has to do is get together with taliban jack and gilles duceppe and put a stop to it. at least jack & gilles, though i think they're misguided, are actually going up the hill...

unfortunately... what dion would rather do, is adopt various political poses depending on which way the wind is blowing, just like his pal mr dithers.

so charlie, in closing i would say to you and stephane... lead, follow or get the frites outta the way.