05 December 2006

Who cares about Citizenship?

Not the man who wants to be the next Liberal Prime Minister.

Dion told CTV's Mike Duffy Live that he felt his loyalty was not worth debating.

The same issue hounded Michaelle Jean, who gave up her French citizenship before becoming governor-general. Dion has so far suggested he will keep his French passport.
Wait just a minute. Unlike all those sweaty-balled, third world dictatorships that are constantly wrapped up in internecine tribal warfare... patriotism and citizenship are cornerstone values of Canadian society. Or has that changed as well?

Stephane Dion says it's not worth talking about.

If he really feels that way, maybe he should just give up his Canadian citizenship and move to France.

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Anonymous said...

Being Canadian doesn't seem to mean much to Milhouse. Bart would never take out French citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Mother and father from socialist backwater roots. I wonder if we can expect those influences to show up in his policies?