28 December 2006

A most fickle deity

Much like their fellow jihadis in Afghanistan, at the first sign of significant resistance... the Somali Islamofascists fade into the woodwork.

"We have been defeated. I have removed my uniform. Most of my comrades have also changed into civilian clothes," one former SICC fighter told Reuters. "Most of our leaders have fled."
Ah well, I'm sure they'll be around somewhere, doing what they do best... shooting people in the back and terrorizing the civilian populace.

You know... the will of Allah.

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Anonymous said...

You Americans, will never learn from your mistake. You can't impose your will on other people. It's what the people wants that matters. No you.

You show no understanding of the reality of Somalia at all. When have the Americans shown any care for what happens in Somalia. The Islamists, whatever their dogma were, bought law and order and peace to teh country. It was a popular grassroot movement.

You're in the side of the losing party once again. And your support of pupper leaders around the world, is why you are hated.

Anonymous said...

It's comments like the previous one that lead a person to feel like saying 'the hell with them then', but that comment is probably from someone who lives here in North America, not someone who enjoyed life under a Taliban type regime.

Islam can deliver one form of 'law & order', maybe Muslims/Arabs aren't civilized enough to live without the sword held to them.

But it would be a shame to write them off so quickly, especially since the violence sponsored by these Islamists against the civilized world means that they will have to be smacked down with great force.

Neo Conservative said...

the gentleman above wrote... "You Americans, will never learn from your mistake."


Unfortunately, Mr. Islamosmart above doesn't even distinguish Americans from Canadians... we're all just dogmeat infidels to be slaughtered for the Religion of Peace.

Somalia has been one of the most lawless, savage places on earth for the last 15 years... heaven forfend they should embrace democratic rule.

Charles Henry said...

That first comment is probably from a university student. The grammar gives it away... as do the research skills. (not noticing the overwhelming evidence suggesting that Neo is a Canadian, for instance)