21 December 2006

Massive layoff of Conspiracy Theorists

It will be a day of mourning for the all-too-energetic, Black Helicopter, Bush bombed the WTC, etc. - Conspiracy Theory industry...

The C.I.A. has reviewed more than 100 million pages, released 30 million pages and created a database of documents, Crest, that is accessible from terminals at the National Archives.

The National Security Agency, the eavesdropping and code-breaking agency, has released 35 million pages, including an extensive collection on the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the escalation of the Vietnam War.
And who was it that actually implemented this long delayed legislation?
“The Bush administration could have said, ‘This is a Clinton thing,’ and abandoned it,” Mr. Aftergood, said. “To their credit, they did not.”
I'm sure the whackjobs will soon have a theory about this.

UPDATE: Speaking of paranoid conspiracy theorists
Robert, you really have to stop reading those spooky spy novels. It is amazing that you a) think that people really spend their days doing psyops and b) if they did they would care about this board, or the NDP for that matter.

Paranoid hubris is an interesting thing to see. The vast majority of Canadians could not care less, and your entire approach cheapens the enterprise of politics in Canada.

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