02 December 2006

What's up with this?

Just seconds after Rae was knocked out, a prominent Tory MP wandering the convention floor pulled out a handful of buttons mocking Rae and winked mischievously.

"There's a reason we handed out so many of these," said B.C. MP James Moore, pointing to buttons that ridiculed Rae's track record as Ontario premier.
I despise the Volpe/Chretien dirty tricks shit. Let the Libs do this stuff to each other. This guy is apparently proud of it.

Somebody should kick his ass.

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Anonymous said...

I guess telling the truth passes for a conspiracy in this country does it?

Anyways 'Jean Dion' doesn't care cause he is a winner!

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Glad to see some Tories feel the same way. These tactics are disgusting and if anything only play into the idea this a Northern branch of the US Republican Party who also uses similiar style tactics. I am not a fan of Bob Rae, but other parties should stay out of other's conventions. I don't recall the Liberals doing this at the last Tory leadership race.

Neo Conservative said...

can't criticise others for dirty tricks, if we play this sleazy game ourselves.

if we don't condemn this, we're on a par with the people who won't even wipe the volpe off their shoes.