09 December 2006

Always get their man?

"If only he'd videotaped it," said Constable Dudley Do-Right...

Sounds like these Mounties couldn't get laid in a no-charge whorehouse...

This woman apparently called 911, but the RCMP told her there was nothing they could do. She was murdered a short while later.

Then the killer walks... despite confessing.

Willier, who was arrested the day after Moreside's body was found, had confessed to police, but the judge in the case threw out the confession because investigators didn't do enough to ensure Willier spoke to a lawyer beforehand.
You think I'm making this up, don't you? I only wish.

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Anonymous said...

When I tried to report that people were being dropped off at a local home at night and the cars had US plates while the people had luggage and dashed inside and the car sped away, the RCMP hotline for possible Terrorism links with odd behaviour that people notice and can report had a Operator that insisted this wasn't unusual and I should call the local RCMP to report Immigration issues.

Forget that these were all Muslim females with no kids, cars used the cover of darkness to drop them off , and the house was later
proved to be run by a Pro-Refugee group that now appear to be smuggling people into canada and creating a supply of Refugees for the Lawyers and Minority voters in the Refugee Industry.

I was told later on that there is no such thing as a smuggled Refugee , anyone can enter canada and choose to use a incountry claim at any Federal Office for Immigration and Refugees .
Today I read in the Toronto Star that the NDP isn't happy with just redefining Marriage , no sir, NDP MP Peggy Nash wants to redefine "Family" to allow more people to bring in non-traditional Relatives outside their marriage
or immidiately family.
Thank you Paul Martin , not only are you in the History books as Mr.Dithers but you sold your soul to stay in power as a Minority Government and then lost in the 2006 Election.
Now Taliban-Jack and the NDP
will redefine a "Family" which we know is to open the doors to same-gender refugees that claim to be family and want the status of married to get into canada.

They laughed and mock anyone from the defenders of Traditional marriage because 2-People being married wont change the Family structure of definition.

Neo Conservative said...

when it comes right down to it... the nanny-state isn't responsible for your safety, you are.

police are for mopping up after crimes are committed... if you get cancer, you go on a waiting list... unless you bull your way through the red tape.

if someone tries to break into your house... it's up to you to stop them.

as this woman found out.

the gov't can't say two men can marry... and forbid a man and two women to wed.

say hello to polygamy. say hello to government supervised safe-injection sites for your children.

a vote for the liberals is a vote for tossing centuries of western tradition out the window.

you decide.