19 December 2006

Walking Tall

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he could not live with himself if he reduced Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan to further his own political self-interest and that he’s even prepared to lose the next election if it means standing by the military.
I can't think of a single thing to add here.

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hunter said...

He said this in Quebec? Wow, even they will have to respect him for his stance, as he is obviously not pandering to them for their votes.

Neo Conservative said...

When told that Harper was simply making decisions based on principle, bewildered Libs were seen huddling and muttering in Ottawa nightspots... trying to crack the code behind this mysterious concept.

Anonymous said...

We will see how long you jokers are laughing if the CPC does lose the next election.

Harper should better focus on the fact that the liberals will not leave Afghanistan rather than talking about what he is going to do.

Neo Conservative said...

you are missing the point here friend.

while the libs are all about grabbing power and hanging onto it at any cost, stephen harper makes decisions based on principle.

he is prepared to be voted out by the sheeple if they don't agree with his stand.

whether or not you agree with what he stands for... you have to admire the "do the right thing" mentality.

Anonymous said...

I love Harper. Really. I think he's the best prime minister we've had in my 30-year lifetime.