02 December 2006

It's quiet and I got to thinking

Stephane Dion is the third Liberal party leader in a row from Quebec. There is, however chilling the thought, the possibility that he could become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Just for laughs, lets suppose that this comes to pass. Let's further suppose that Quebec has another vote on sovereignty, and wins.

I just wanna know...

Would Prime Minister Dion suddenly be a man from a foreign country? I know the president of the United States has to be native born... do we care about that here?

Would Prime Minister Dion suddenly need a visa to visit the country of his birth? What if the sovereign nation of Quebecer chose not to let him back in?

Better yet, can we now strip-search Jean Chretien at any Canadian border crossing... even if only just to see the look on his face?

The mind boggles.

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Christian Conservative said...

Rumour is that during the 1995 referendum, an un-official plan was drawn up that would relieve PM JC of his duties, if the PQ had unilaterally declared independance if the vote had been "Oui".

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dion a dual citizen with France as his second country? I guess this is allowed?

Neo Conservative said...

i was just spitballin' here... didn't know either of these things.

i do think dual citizenship is a cop-out. go big, or go home. there's enough politically correct mumbo jumbo in this world.


Paul MacPhail said...

I would guess that Canadians would treat Dion the same way they treated the metric system when it was introduced. People were against it as they didn't want any foreign "rulers".

Neo Conservative said...

paul... if libs are really interested in "renewal" dion is a piss poor choice.

he's a chretien appointee, who despite his brave new words on the environment, let the libs suddenly sacred icon, kyoto... go down the crapper during his tenure.

under the libs, instead of a 6% improvement, we had a 27% slide in greenhouse gases. now that harper is in government, kyoto is the libs new religion.

liars & hypocrites.