01 December 2006

The Party of "Let's get it on"

Maybe the Fiberals should try thinking with "the big head."

Forget the hunt for undecided delegates, people here want to get their hands on the sought-after "I'm Liberal" thong underwear.
After the fascinating policy round-table on teenage anal sex, the up and coming moonbat wannabes' started handing out party favours.

All they need to do now is turn down the lights and crank up a little Barry White.
Condoms are also being distributed at the convention. More than 2,000 bright red contraceptives bearing the Young Liberals of Canada logo will be given out throughout the weekend.
Brings a whole new meaning to "your Liberal member."

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my puny brain said...

I wonder who's idea the thongs were :)

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing bill graham... the minister of hide & seek

Concerned said...

"Brings a whole new meaning to your "Liberal member.""
Not very often I find humour when it comes to Liberals, but this comment left me in stitches. For that I thank you.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

If the condoms are extra-smalls, that explains everything!

Anonymous said...

Liberal "member" has got to be in the running for the years best. Good one.


Neo Conservative said...

to be honest, it wasn't really that much of a leap... everytime i thing liberal, the word dick just springs unbidden into my consciousness.