28 December 2006

If you're a career criminal...

Thank a Liberal... you know, the guys who financed giving federal prisoners the vote. The same guys who currently oppose Stephen Harper's tough new stance on crime and more specifically, criminals... yeah, those Liberals.

OTTAWA — About 850 convicted criminals — including a suspected biker-gang affiliate who fired 15 shots at police officers and a man who killed a gun salesman execution style — are unlawfully at large in Canada.
This is nuts. Let's get real about crime.

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Anonymous said...

The Liberals have made millions from crime and corruption - Gomery wasn't about 'if' the money was gone, Gomery was a way of using 'nuance' to hide who took it - The Liberal Party.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, "sock it to 'em steffi" isn't going to make crime and criminals a priority.

everyone wants to save the whales, but nobody wants to help mom with the dishes.