21 December 2006

Hey Steffi... start tap dancing

Tell me again...where exactly is Stephane Dion on senate reform?

*** Fully 64 per cent of respondents liked the idea of being able to choose senators for future vacancies in the upper chamber, according to a Decima Research survey, made available exclusively to The Canadian Press.

And a whopping 72 per cent supported limiting senators to eight-year terms.

“While other options, including abolishing the Senate also win public approval, the plan unveiled by the prime minister will at the very least strike most people as a step in the right direction.”
Not with the majority of the people surveyed here, I'm guessing.

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Tony said...

It is really a good sign that most Canadians support senate reform. I am expecting the first bill limiting the terms of senators to 8 years to pass, as 72% of Canadians support this idea. The opposition will grudgingly support it.

There seems to be more resistance to the second bill that allows for elections to choose senators. This one will have a tougher time getting through commons.

Kudos to Stephen Harper for following through with his promise for senate reform.

Anonymous said...

Why Stephie will be wherever the "winnability" quotient is highest....he's already demostrated that vis a vis his "other" citizenship....


Neo Conservative said...

Fortunately, like all Liberal candidates, Dion carries around a litre of Jean Chretien's blood for emergency spine-stiffening situations.

The trick, as with most "liberal juju", is not administering an overdose...