11 December 2006

Bernardo cruises... Granny loses

Hey Dalton... my Grandma should eat at least as well as serial killer Paul Bernardo...

Seniors in subsidized retirement homes — including war veterans who served their country — receive a per capita allotment of $5.46 for three meals a day.

That works out to more than $1.50 less than inmates in Ontario prisons who get $7 and it’s an irksome reality to many in the field of geriatric care.
I blogged about this back in August but the numbers announced were further apart.

What gives? More Liberal shell games?
That's less than half the $11.43 inmates in Ontario correctional facilities get.

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WED said...

Absurd. Criminals are treated far too well in this country. It's disgusting.

Neo Conservative said...

That's the tip of the Liberal iceberg.

"I'm speechless... and amazed... that this lunatic and his equally irrational lawyer thought they could justify this in a Canadian Courtroom."

Anonymous said...

Screw you old man, and I say that as a conservative. The government doesn't owe you free food, buddy, especially since many if not most seniors are actually well-off and the benefit is not means tested. Maybe your generation shouldn't have destroyed the family unit, pal, and these people might do like every other civilization in history has done: let family take care of family.

No free lunch for greedy national-debt creating seniors; if anything, their generation owes MY generation half a trillion dollars for their hairbrained trudeaupian crap. You are no conservative, pal; you're just like the rest of the money grubbing welfare cases whining for a handout. Take care of your own Grandma, moochie.

Neo Conservative said...

dear anony-mouse... so, i assume you'll be scrapping cpp along with the food allowance for those nasty seniors in nursing homes... despite all those years of paying taxes?

let's just pitch that health-care thing too, while we're at it, and be done with it.

hmmm... that's odd. apparently you have no problem with picking up bernardo's tab.

go crazy, little troll... or should i just say, "nice try, robert?"