05 December 2006

She makes it look so easy

Kathy Shaidle hits another one out of the park.

I object in the strongest possible terms to the site's assertion that "women deserve equality." Women "deserve" no such thing except for equal protection under the law.

I am patently superior to any number of people, and (hard as it may be to believe) humble enough to acknowledge that I am inferior to others.
Man... what kind of freak doesn't need a taxpayer funded bureaucracy to hand them their government approved measure of "self-esteem."

UPDATE: Join the Angryfest

LAST WORD: Better yet email the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women

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Anonymous said...

The little women at the SOW wouldn't know what to do without big daddy government taking care of them - it's not like they have any kind of constituency that would waste a penny to support them.

Tim Hortons offers academic assistance to its employees, the SOWs could contribute for once in their lives while studying something useful, they should look into it.

Neo Conservative said...

we're enabling a "culture of victims"... not something i'd want my daughter to buy into.