11 December 2006

Libs say, "Screw Democracy, more Quotas"

Anybody asking Liberal riding associations how they feel about this...

New Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is pledging to hand-pick women to run in selected ridings across the country in an effort to fulfill a campaign promise.
What ever happened to selection based on ability or merit?

Don't the Liberals want the best qualified candidate... rather than simply basing selection on gender? I've gotta ask, "How many left-handed, lesbian, albino pipefitters are members of parliament? Is Stephane Dion gonna redress that discrepancy too?"

From the party of, "We'll choose for you."

SIDENOTE: Liberals "all about the women"

Issues for Canadian women... Judy Sgro touts "Pink Book"
Remember former Liberal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro? She's continuing her campaign for 'Women's Rights' from the Opposition ranks.

OTTAWA -- Immigration Minister Judy Sgro is defending the government's policy of admitting foreign exotic dancers to work in Canada, saying the strip club business is "a strong industry" with "lots of customers."

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Anonymous said...

85% agree...


Anonymous said...

That link doesn't work. Anyway CTV has a survey, 85% (as of 1:08 EST) don't think quotas are a good idea....

johnnylib said...

Its ok when Steve does it with Dianne Haskett?

Neo Conservative said...

dear jlib... nope, it's never ok.

you think harper does a vulcan mindmeld with all his supporters? we get to think for ourselves.

where are you on judy sgro forgetting to talk about strippergate in the "pink book?"

gonna encourage you daughter to enter this "strong industry?"

Shades of Clarity said...

On the bright side we can get the same amount of work out of the women but pay them less saving millions of taxpayers dollars.

[Hint to lefties-this is called humor.]

NateDawg said...

No doubt a few of those strippers will be coerced into running on the Liberal ticket.

I guess Belinda isn't enough of a whore for the Liberals.

I wonder how many of those "I'm Liberal" thongs were sold to foreign strippers? I'd bet their popping up in peel-joints all across Quebec!

Neo Conservative said...

Strippers, thongs, condoms and gay teenage sex... call me wacky, but maybe the Liberals should try thinking with "the big head."

Concerned said...

Good comment Neo. But your wrong. The Liberals are thinking with their big head, since the one on their shoulders is the size of a pea.