03 December 2006

That Scary Stephane Dion

UPDATE: 6 Dec 2006 - Steffi backs off on SSM whip

Mr. Dion does not support reopening the divisive debate, but he worried that imposing party discipline would hand the Conservatives more leverage on the issue. It's likely he is also trying to avoid conflict in his first week on the job.
His first about-face... I'm guessin' the first of many.

Watch the vote on same-sex marriage this week in the Commons. One Party will let it's members vote their conscience.

Another will not.

It's an important difference between the two.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said he will not force his cabinet to vote one way or another.

When then-prime minister Paul Martin faced the issue in June 2005, he whipped his ministers and parliamentary secretaries on the issue, resulting in the resignation of Joe Comuzzi from the cabinet.

Dion's indication that the caucus will have to toe the line is no contrast to anything said by the other seven contenders for the Liberal party crown during the leadership convention which ended Saturday with Dion's come-from-behind victory.
So much for democratic rule.

Who's scary now?

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james higham said...

Neo-con, can you give me the low down on who'll win? There're a few of us watching with interest.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gee, that "party unity" thing didn't last long. One day?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Harper will have to have a "free" vote unless he wants to try to whip Baird and Emerson (perhaps others as well?)who both support SSM, and who would have to resign from Cabinet to abstain a la Micheal Chong. So, Harpercrits are now going to make out like Harper is a hero and Dion is undemocratic.
Nice try. Harper is just trying to keep as many votes as he can.

Neo Conservative said...

anony-mouse... i love the orwellian logic here.

the facts are...

dion is whipping his vote. liberals have no choice in the matter unless they're prepared to face party censure.

harper, as per an election promise, is allowing his people to vote their conscience... yet in your eyes, harper is the fanatical demagogue.

spoken like a true moonbat.

care to share what other issues the liberal nanny-state ethics will be forcing on their members?