09 December 2006

Uphill battle in Afghanistan

This is not good news... the headline reads "Blow for Britain as Helmand's 'cleanest' governor is sacked".

President Karzai of Afghanistan has fired the Governor of Helmand province, a severe setback to Britain’s strategy in the lawless region at the heart of the Taleban resurgence.

British officials regarded Mr Daud as the cleanest governor in Afghanistan and hoped that his extensive experience in development would help to win over Helmand’s population.
It's been obvious from the start, that dealing with a country that's responsible for the production of most of the world's heroin would not be a walk in the park. One of the first steps was to assist the most legitimate of the various rogues who had a shot at taming this virtually lawless entity.

If Karzai is dirty, it changes everything.

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NateDawg said...

*IF* Karzai is dirty. In my opinion Karzai gets the benefit of the doubt. He's got elephant-balls to do the job he does.

The guy might have been the "cleanest governor" in Afghanistan, but if he isn't on the same page as Karzai, he will not help the government there.

I hate to have to say this, but they're better off with a corrupt democracy, than a corrupt mullahocracy.

Neo Conservative said...

i hear what you're saying... but if karzai is simply the least corrupt heroin dealer in the room it won't be much of a democracy. not enough to give up my son's life for.

the go, no-go question for me is... would i put anyone's life on the line to protect this particular status quo.

if karzai just wants to be first opium warlord among many (and that has yet to be seen conclusively), we shouldn't be propping him up. surely we can find one honest man who believes in cleaning up this mess.

a real shot at democracy is worth dying for... propping up a corrupt druglord is not.

just my opinion.

NateDawg said...

I understand not liking the drugs, but I don't think its as big a deal as the media makes it out to be.

I also think a stoned-terrorist is better than a sober-terrorist. Plus, I'm sure they're easier to kill.

For me, Afghanistan is simply the War On Terror, the War On Drugs is going on somewhere in Columbia. The two objectives should be to:
1) Kill terrorists
2) Promote democracy

Anything else just takes focus away from the objectives above. Afghanistan won't be a great place to live for a long long time, we're only there to give them a helping hand.

But at the same time your right, nobody likes the neighborhood crack dealer.

Neo Conservative said...

nate... if only it were that simple.

af'stan produces 80% of the worlds opium that is then turned into heroin. this isn't really a religious war anymore... it's largely about drug lords protecting their turf.

there is an element of foreign jihadis who are the hard-core terrorists and they are pushing the ambushes and suicide bombings, but the rest of these timmys are just footsoldiers for some millionaire warlord.

if karzai is in somebody's pocket, because he took a bribe, or he's being threatened (both incidentally, are time honoured afgani traditions) then we'll be spilling blood to prop up the opium economy.

and that's not enough reason for my son to fight and die.