18 December 2006

Putting the "Pro" in procreation

This little gem takes "daddy issues" to a whole other level...

But perhaps if donors were not paid and anonymity were no longer guaranteed, those still willing to participate would seriously consider the repercussions of their actions.

They would have to be prepared to someday meet the people whom they helped create, to answer questions and to deal with a range of erratic emotions from their offspring.
An incredibly incisive look at the collateral consequences of "retail conception" from the 18 year old daughter of an anonymous sperm donor.

h/t David Frum

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Joanne said...

This is the type of fallout we will continue to encounter as long as society values the self-serving "rights" of adults as supreme.

Neo Conservative said...

remember how well donating blood for money worked out in the united states? the consequences of anonymous sperm donation reach an entirely separate generarion.