07 December 2006

"It's disagraceful. . . It's dishonourable."

Bill Graham is famous for talking through his ass... pun not initially intended, but hey...

Graham accused the Tories of habitually lying during question period about the track record of the former Liberal government.

He referred specifically to the Tories' oft-repeated assertion that the Liberals did nothing while Maher Arar was being tortured in a Syrian prison.
Don't be a Silly Billy... the facts on that one are pretty clear.
After spending nearly a year in jail, Mr. Arar was finally freed by the Syrians.

By July 2003, Chr├ętien's office sent a letter to Syria demanding Arar's release. But that was 10 months after his arrest and 3 1/2 months after officials first proposed a letter. That was a long delay for a man facing torture.
So Bill, who went totally apeshit over the Belinda 'Doggy' affair, thinks it's ok to toss in a reference to Josef Goebbels, elevating this particular discourse to a new level of asininity.

My advice is, if you're looking for a lesson in honesty, or ethical behaviour... you might wanna try looking a little further than Bill Graham.

UPDATE: Make up your mind Bill...

Are Conservatives just like Nazis, or are they shameless defenders of Zionist War Crimes?

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hunter said...

So, the Liberals did nothing for 10 months, but the Conservatives MIGHT have known that the police commissioner had lied, and somehow, it's the Conservatives fault? They didn't fire him soon enough? How about the Liberals let a Canadian citizen be tortured for 10 months without so much as a letter? Spin doctors, it happened on their watch!

Neo Conservative said...

same deal with china... they imprison, torture and kill political dissidents.

graham went apeshit when stephen harper called them on human rights violations... jean chretien is over there doing deals for corporate canada.

the libs shouldn't be allowed to even whisper the words, "social justice".

Anonymous said...

Agreed: Bill Graham is disgraceful and dishonourable.

Neo Conservative said...

leaving his professional and political persona aside... imagine how his wife must feel about the whole business.

David R. Amos said...

Where should i look for ethics etc Neo? The picture I sent you says a thousand words if you know how to read between the lines My cell # 506 434 1379 it may not work next year. Tending sheep ain't a well paying enterprise.