09 April 2011

And I'm sure, my dimwitted little fanboy...

...that all your pals over at Liblogs are sniggering along with you...good ol' liberal supporter[more]


Bing said...

That guy needs a degenerate psychologist to match his non existent wit.

Neo Conservative said...

well, bing... it's not like it's libby's first skip around the sanitarium...

"If it was me firebombing you, you would not have a chance at a second thought, because as soon as you exited the building, well, the whole idea of the firebomb was to flush the skunk (you) out and get you into um, range."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 10:18 PM, January 24, 2011


wilson said...

Cyber bullying isn't just a crime against kids.

Bundle up all of this freaks messages and give to cops,
perhaps he is doing this to others too Neo.

Neo Conservative said...

"wilson says... Bundle up all of this freaks messages"

nah, don't think so... sadly, this appears to be more of a medical issue than a legal one.

i'm actually more curious than anything else... just can't imagine why i'm such a central figure in this guy's fantasy world. i'm certainly way more important to him... than he is to me.

i suggested a little while ago that maybe he should get a girlfriend... or maybe a cat... but he just seems kinda stuck on the one hostile channel.


hunter said...

He's been all over the blogging tory sites today. An election really brings them out, especially when they are tanking badly.

Anonymous said...

Surely you're not suggesting letting someone this mentally unstable have a cat?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Surely you're not suggesting letting someone this mentally unstable have a cat?"

actually, you're right... he'd probably just set it on fire or stomp it to death.

my bad.


Candace said...

Neo, watch your back. Remember whats-his-face from 05/06 election that was stalking about 5 of us? He called people's workplace, posted names & addresses etc. *damn what was his name????

Anyway, gave me serious heebie-jeebies, and it was pretty weird trying to warn my totally apolitical but likely Liberal from Toronto boss about him possibly calling. Blogging wasn't that common yet...

Neo Conservative said...

"candace says... He called people's workplace, posted names & addresses etc."

not to worry, candace... i am fortunate enough to be my own boss and... truth be told... if i was outed, it would probably, in this neck of the woods, anyway... just make me more popular.

the fact is, nonny/libby actually shows up here... to firebomb us, or play with guns... as he has previously threatened on more than one occasion... he would discover that i am not without resources. his thoughtfully providing me with a motive to pro-actively defend me & mine against physical harm is simply the icing on the uber-troll crazycake.

in any case, this cowardly little net-skulker is more likely to egg the windows of the old lady next door... than challenge some able-bodied citizen like you or me.

last word... if this lost boy has a single ounce of sense left... he'll stay firmly ensconsed in mummy's basement... living out his unceasing phantasmagoric dreams of bloody revenge upon the larger field of folk.