13 April 2011

It'll be a quiet day... here at the Halls

We have some company (friends of friends) from overseas... new immigrants from Germany... and I'm learning a few things about the process. He has a doctorate in chemistry, she has very similar qualifications, they both speak very fluent English (and other languages)... and it still took them almost 4 years and thousands of dollars to get their permanent residency cards.

Also heard from the hydraulic shop... gotta pick up a cylinder and get that backhoe back together.


iggy poopI'm obviously not missing anything.


Anonymous said...

White,English speaking,well educated, healthy, followed the rules,able contribute to society,Of course it took them a long time to get it done.
It is so much easier to let undocumented criminals in and then bring in their dependents.
Rant over thanks.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

it's interesting... our visitors main concern was doing everything by the book... doing it right.

maybe a german thing?

i guess the flip side of this equation is a boatload of 500 undocumented tamils.

wonder what the freight on that one is?


Frances said...

That's okay - you can have a Canadian-born infant who isn't eligible for any benefits because the mother doesn't have a SIN; and she can't get a SIN because it's Dad who has the work permit (and doing very skilled work, what's more). What bet every Tamil got a SIN as they walked off the boat. And benefits. And welfare.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... every Tamil got a SIN as they walked off the boat"

a friend of mine is a toronto paramedic & he got a call to pearson airport for a refugee claimant (a guy who had flushed his documents down the airplane toilet) who was apparently having a heart attack.

turns out customs had simply told this guy to go to a prepaid airport strip hotel and they would process his paperwork. he was so shocked, he thought it was a trick & faked the medical distress to get sent to a hospital.

the medics quickly determined he was fine... spent a half hour convincing him he was being let in to the country... and sent him on his merry way.

our friends, meanwhile... spent hours answering questions about their identities, previous work experience & worldly possessions and had to provide proof from the german government they were not criminals.

and that was after almost 4 years of fighting the process and thousands of dollars in fees.

meanwhile the government incentivises cheating & lying... which, naturally attracts... cheaters & liars.

that's your canada. enjoy the ride.