02 December 2008

Under a Layton-Duceppe-Dion...

...coalition government -- Dizzy Lizzy wins cash for life...

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is endorsing the proposed coalition government and says she has spoken with Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion about the possibility of her being appointed to the Senate.
Looks like ol' Steffi is gonna pay off his political markers... instead of his outstanding leadership campaign debt.

And the poor Greens find out what Elizabeth May is really made of.

All courtesy of you... the taxpayer.


CONFIRMED: Dion throws open vault doors...

...Greens to get Senate seat... and unspecified INFLUENCE?

Not a single elected Member of Parliament and now the Greens will be pulling levers of power?
"She told reporters she has had discussions with Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe about possible roles for the Green Party."
I guess we now know what Lizzie May's price is. Makes you wonder what Prime Minister Steffi has promised to the Separatistes... you know... the people who are actually making this whole thing possible...
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said it appears the coalition has made side deals that were not part of the written accord.

"Mr. Dion never got from the Canadian electorate a mandate to be Prime Minister and now we see him doing back door deals," he told CTV Newsnet, when asked about Ms. May's comments.
The more we hear about this little hootenanny... THE MORE IT STINKS.


"Do ya think Lizzie, oinking her way to trough, will stop long enough to send out Christmas cards with a personal thank you note to all the suckers...er...Green party members for their support?"


Rich said...

At the Layton-Dion press conference yesterday, Dion was asked if he would make Lizzie a senator.
He did not answer the question but had a sly, conspiratorial grin.
Today this.
Be prepared, he also said there was agreement that there should be firm carbon limits (I believe that was the term he used) imposed RIGHT AWAY.
Here we go!
Too bad Mr. Harper hasn't filled the senate seats.

Anony said...

I heard just heard on an interview with Mike Duffy from Lawrence Cannon that there some whisperings on the Hill have said that there may not be any Bloc MPs in Cabinet, but that thare are six positions that will be available for Bloc members in the Senate.

Unfu***ing beilievable.......

Skuleman said...

It is absolutely unconscionable of Harper not to fill all of the Senate seats this week, preferably with very young conservatives who can server many decades. You can be certain that if the coalition wins on Monday Dion will fill all of the seats Tuesday. At the very least this will prevent Dion from foisting that woman on Canada for decades to come, unless some Liberal senator is willing to resign or drop dead so she can have a seat.

If he's concerned about his desire for a EEE senate, just appoint conservatives who are willing to step down and run if that ever becomes a reality.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the real reason the Liberals brought in the long gun registry.
I always thought it was so they could skim a little off the top, but maybe they've always been afraid of a Canadian Revolution. Time to go dump some entitlements into the Ottawa river??

greyburr said...

Personaly,I am hopeing that a Canadian Guy Fawkes is taking a parlimentary tour right this moment.

Anonymous said...

When Ralph Klein announced his stepping down as Premier/party leader he indicated that any MLA that held any position must resign their Cabinet position if they wished to campaign for the leadership of the party thus Premier.

If the Liberals are so ethical, does that mean Ignatieff, Rae, and LeBlanc are disqualified from the cabinet of the new alliance?

Gerry from Toronto

Rich said...

Mike Duffy was just on interviewing a guy in the know...(forgot the name & title as I just happened to catch it....hopefully some other readers will provide this.)
I canNOT believe what is in store.
It appears that:-
1)The E. May senatorship is a go.

2) The Bloc will have no chairs at the lib-dip coalition table ; no ministers but has agreed to back the coalition and its decisions. (ya right.)
In return, there will be SIX BLOC / soverigntist senators!!! WTF?!?!

3) There will be a billion dollars to go to Quebec to satisty equalization concerns. This allegedly was stated yesterday by PQ leader Pauline Marois.

If the GG agrees with that the coalition will form the gov't, the damage will be incalculable.

Rich said...

My post above must have been what the poster #2 (Anony)wrote....L.Cannon rings a bell

Anonymous said...

Canadian remake of "The Wizard of Oz"

In all of this political crisis we keep forgetting Elizabeth May, the Leader
of the Green Party. Harper's proposal to cut government subsidy affected Not
only LPC, NDP and Bloc but also the Green Party (to the tune of almost two
million dollars a year). Considering that Dion, Layton, Duceppe (and May)
are on their way (yellow brick road) to visit Governor General (Good Witch
of the North) their journey more and more resembles the plot of the movie
"The Wizard of Oz"

The Wizard of Oz (2008 political farce)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Wizard of Oz is a 2008 Canadian political farce mainly directed by Jean
Chrétien and based on the 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
by L. Frank Baum.[1] The play features Elisabeth May as Dorothy Gale, Jack
Layton as the Scarecrow, Gilles Duceppe as the Tin Man, Stéphane Dion as the
Cowardly Lion, Michaelle Jean, as Glinda the Good Witch of the North,
Stephen Harper as the Wicked Witch of the West, George W. Bush as the Wicked
Witch of the East and Barack Obama as the Wizard.

The play follows schoolgirl Dorothy Gale (Elisabeth May) who lives on a
Hartford, Connecticut farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, but dreams of a
better place "somewhere over the rainbow." After being struck unconscious
during a tornado by a window which has come loose from its frame, Dorothy
dreams that she, her dog Toto, and the farmhouse were transported to the
magical Land of Oz. (Canada). There, the Good Witch of the North Glinda
(Michaelle Jean) advises Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to Emerald
City (Washington DC) and meet the Wizard of Oz, (Barack Obama) who can
return her to Hartford, Connecticut.

During her journey, she meets a Scarecrow, (Jack Layton), Tin Man (Gilles
Duceppe) and a Cowardly Lion (Stéphane Dion), who join her, hoping to
receive what they lack themselves (a brain, a heart, and courage,
respectively), all of this is done while also trying to avoid the many plots
of the Wicked Witch of the West, (Stephen Harper) in her attempt to get the
ruby slippers that Dorothy received from the squashed Wicked Witch of the
East (George W. Bush).

JA Goneaux said...

Damn. Now I'll have to re-do my poster...

wilson said...

What Lib leadership contender said about the so called Cadman Affair:

"There is an obvious and significant public interest in determining whether or not officials from the Conservative Party of Canada engaged in attempts to bribe an elected public official for their own political and material gain," LeBlanc wrote.

Green Party:
"Just what was Cadman offered?" begins: "Allegations that two Conservative Party officials offered Independent British Columbia MP Chuck Cadman a "bribe" in exchange for voting to bring down the Liberal government in May of 2005 would, if true, constitute a serious crime that strikes at the heart of Canada's democracy."

So what's exchanging a Senate seak for support called if not illegal?

Layla said...

:( the poor poor undemocratic Senate of Canada is now possibly going to have THAT! :(

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... interview with Mike Duffy from Lawrence Cannon..."

globe now has lawrence cannon commentary... -- main post updated --


mahmood said...

Do ya think Lizzie, oinking her way to trough, will stop long enough to send out Christmas cards with a personal thank you note to all the suckers...er...Green party members for their support?...yeah, me too.

Rose said...

The Coalition is nothing more than a pack of fucking crazy leftards filled with powerlust that cannot be contained.

I for one will not reconize these bastards as the lawful government. Let the civil unrest begin, if they aren't successful this time they'll pull this kind of divisive crap over and over.

They do not care about this country or the people they will not be denied the unethical right to rule we the little people.

Where's my HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and Nine Iron?

mahmood said...

Uh-oh, Iggy's having second thoughts via Bourque Newswatch...whatsa matter Iggy?...no soup for you?

Rose said...

To late Iggy, this isn't tag lad you don't get to say it and run like a girl.

An election will be a bargain compared to the cost of the new Coalition. The left are stacked five high waiting for their entitlements. I can here the oinks of greed as I type.

No wonder they want to seize power, broke and beaten this is their last chance of ever leading Canada and by god they'll bankrupt us to do it.

arctic_front said...

PM SH can fill those seats in about 15 seconds....
and as much as i want an elected senate, either he fills them, or Dion will.

Semantics are over... time to play hardball.