17 December 2007

Politically Correct Pablum

The gutless Globe and Mail tries to pretend the big story here... is a change to the way the votes are counted.

-- SOUTH AFRICA -- A compromise has been reached in which votes for the top six leadership positions (president and the rest of the executive) will be counted by hand and the other 54 positions on the ruling council automatically.
To find out what miniscule details the Globe chosen to omit... you have to click over to the Times Online.
From the outside it looks as if South Africa's miracle is over. Jacob Zuma, the former Deputy President who was charged with rape and may soon be charged with corruption, is about to become President of the African National Congress and is likely to be the next president of South Africa.

Thirteen years after the peaceful handover of power, the rainbow nation is threatened with a very nasty storm.

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-- WASHINGTON -- At an hour when most people here are sleeping or sinning, the worshipers of the Spiritual Warfare ministry gather in the cold sanctuary of a neighborhood church to battle evil.


GDW said...

Bring me my machine gun, indeed. The parallel with Mugabe was the first thing I thought of when I read this.

As for The Globe, they could do public discourse in this country a real service by putting all their content behind a subscription barrier. Better still, they could dump it straight into the Don where it'll go unnoticed amongst all the other toxic effluents.

Anonymous said...

Is there any filth or depravity that the Gay & Married newspaper won't stoop to supporting? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Liberals are just so happy that South Africa is finally joining other African nations in black on black abuse and corruption. Why that's a victory is hard to say, but left leaning people support it all the way. Proving that liberals really don't care about the people at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, liberals don't care about people. You nailed it.

Wow you guys are stupid.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Wow you guys are stupid."

ah, yes... the rhodes scholar who just called me "spelling nazi" in another post.

happy trolling, genius.