30 July 2010

Get well, Iggy...

Liberal handlers call in neurosurgeons as speculation mounts... a small stroke... early-onset Alzheimers?

-- DUNNVILLE CHRONICLE -- "Born here. Educated here. Had a publicly-funded education here that gave me my start." --
Ah, Michael... easy now, deep breaths buddy... how many fingers am I holding up? C'mon now, don't you actually mean you attended the most expensive prep school in the entire nation?
Ignatieff entered Upper Canada College, perhaps the most elite school in the country as an 11-year-old boarding student.

UCC has been the scholarly home of several premiers, lieutenant governors and business giants ranging from Conrad Black to Hal Jackman.

Ordinary and publicly-funded are not words that normally go with Upper Canada College.
uccHere's wishing Mr Ordinary Joe, er... Mike... a speedy recovery from whatever ailment is mysteriously clouding his celebrated cognitive functions... because gawd knows he wouldn't lie to us... right?


"Methinks there is a serious exhaust leak on the Fiberal-Express."

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...and you're some "dumb as dogshit" hilllbilly.

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Honey Pot said...

Are you trying to tell us that iggy is not an asbestos miner's son from the foothills of Quebec? That he is outright lying to Canadians to get votes?

Naked Ape said...

Well Iggy was publicy-educated up to grade 5... ;)

In any case, since you looked up the Wiki article on him trying doing the math on how long Iggy was abroad, which the Conservatives are obviously bad at. Iggy left for the UK in 1978 and returned in 2005. That makes 27 years, not 34. No wonder the Conservatives keep fighting about the numbers with Kevin Page -- they don't know how to do basic arithmetic!

Naked Ape: Gonzo political commentary

Neo Conservative said...

"ape hoots & screeches... publicy-educated up to grade 5"

ah, my simian friend... you're actually claiming there's no fiberal duplicity here?

yup... good ol' iggy... he's just a regular joe six-pack", isn't he?

hey... don't trust my word... ask iggy's brother...

“We went for a walk, and he said, ‘I want to make one thing absolutely clear to you. When we're at Aunt Helen's house or Aunt Charity's house, you can say whatever you want to me. But if you ever see me on the school grounds, (prep school Upper Canada College) you're not to talk to me. You're not to recognize that I'm your brother. You don't exist as far as I'm concerned. Do I make myself clear?'”

compassionate, intellectual iggy... he's a charmer, isn't he?


Anonymous said...

How do you tell that a Liberal is lying?

Their mouth is open.

Brian Busby said...

A bit tasteless that reference to early-onset Alzheimer's.

Look, even Brian Lilley, who tried to make such hay of this, acknowledges that Mr Ignatieff attended Manor Park Public School and after Upper Canada College "went on to the publicly funded University of Toronto".

Interesting stuff concerning today's UCC tuition fees. Wonder what they were when Mr Ignatieff attended half-a-century ago.

Rural and Right said...

Suddenly I have this overwhelming feeling that I can relate to the Ignatieff Canadian Experience... as I also received the best education my parents money could buy ... at a Rural Public School.

Me thinks there is a serious exhaust leak on the Fiberal-Express ...

Neo Conservative said...

"brian says... A bit tasteless"

sorry, brian... it's certainly nowhere near as offensive as the way iggy treated his own brother... or when he under-bussed the people who actually brought him to the dance.

and you're saying this humble-beginnings public-ed thing isn't a shameless nose-stretcher?


all i know is... i wouldn't want iggy dating my sister... never mind being prime minister.


Anonymous said...

Another example of how the elites are the real commies just pretending to be capitalists, look at Mikey and who he hung with. (real conservative)

wilson said...

I'm waiting to hear Iffy condemn the Quebec govt's plan for offshore drilling.
Pipelines and oil tankers, oh no!!!
Not off the West coast....


maryT said...

Considering that his parents sent him back to Canada at age 11, that means he was not educated here up to that time. Imagine, being kicked out of home at age 11, no wonder he has problems relating to people. So, where or when did he ever hear his mother use the term Bush league. According to his books and articles he never lived with his parents after age 11. And then there were very infrequent family gatherings. Don't you believe what he has written.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... being kicked out of home at age 11"

hmmm... might explain a little something about how he managed to just walk away from 2 kids & wife #1... for the present mrs ziggy.

you never hear him tell that little anecdote.