17 November 2009

Ooooh... that's gonna leave a mark

"Telling us more about Ignatieff's organizational team than we know about his policies doesn't seem like a good start to me."

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It appears that Mario Laguë was not only hired by Paul Martin to put a brave face on the sponsorship scandal, but Ignatieff’s new D.Comm was also part of a three-man panel with Chuck Guité that hired then Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano’s Chief of Staff to replace Guité, who was retiring.


sanwin said...

What, Kinsella's been tossed, has he ?

maryT said...

How is this group going to get Chretain back into the office of the leader of the opposition, without iggy knowing.
Hope Ezra brings back his librano posters and t-shirts. Make a great Christmas gift for liberals I know.

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile... the msm still hopes to dazzle us with iggy's new team... until he decides to toss them under the bus as well.

and not word one about actual liberal policies.

yeah... i'm shocked.


maryT said...

The comments on lib blogs are positive and no mention of their ties to adscam. But some comments re the conservative blogs and commentators would be out in full force with PMSH's talking points.
What planet do they live on. Within a couple of hours the truth about their connection to adscam was all over. Did Donolo and gang think we had forgotten.