10 July 2009

Stand by for colourful reports...

...on gravity holding shit down...

Clad in white, with a red kerchief, tourists and Spaniards sprint ahead of the charging bulls, which face matadors in the bullring later in the day.
I would, of course... be the last person in the world to suggest the government step in and regulate this sort of asinine activity, but please... you run headlong into confined spaces with dozens of angry, frightened, bone-crushing, horned creatures... what did you think was gonna happen?


"When I watch that stupidity on the tube I find myself cheering for the bulls."

LAST WORD: The Running of the Idiots



robins111 said...

You know, regardless of your religious beliefs this really is Darwin in action.

The real plus is, the victims are unlikely to reproduce.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... Darwin in action"

yup... you weed out the dumbasses, or more to the point, they do it themselves... it strengthens the species.


mahmood said...

When i watch that stupidity on the tube i find myself cheering for the bulls.