20 July 2009

"Sir, I want you to..."

"...step outta the car and put your hands... eeeeeeeeeuwwwww...."

-- PORT HOPE, Ont. -- Ontario Provincial Police say a driver who was pulled over for speeding on the weekend was watching an adult film at the time.

Police say they pulled over the car on Hwy. 401 near Port Hope early Saturday morning and noticed the male driver was watching pornography on a portable DVD player sitting on the passenger seat.

Efe Osemwegie, 32, of Mississauga is charged with speeding and operating a motor vehicle with a television visible to the driver

What could possibly go wrong?



Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love porn? But seriously, pull over at least.

Rich said...

Seriously, we need to cut poor Efe some slack as he just got back from the 'Running of the Bulls'.

Neo Conservative said...

rich... you mean the 'running of the waterloo bulls', don'tcha?


jwkozak91 said...

Neo, quit "bombing the brownies"! /sarc ;-)

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... Neo, quit "bombing the brownies"! /sarc ;-)"

yeah, poor ol' cc... he just hasn't been the same lately.


Josephine said...

So if your date arrived in his car, all red-faced and sweaty, he might not have been playing racketball after work? And the shower at the gym might not have been broken?

Just askin'.

Neo Conservative said...

you've gotta wonder... what kind of a freak can't turn off the porn even when he hits the 401?