31 July 2009

Iggy's latest "Sky is Falling" initiative

Apparently, we're all gonna die... and the Puffin King knows just who to blame...

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is set to accuse the Harper government of lacking leadership on swine flu pandemic preparedness.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? Mcguinty and healthco had everyone convinced we were all gonna die from the flu, and pharmaceuticals got rich on that fear. Along comes H!N! (not a typo) which has probably been around as long as humans, and now it is ID'd, has this glorious name so we can fear monger to the delight of the pharamceuticals.
Don't believe it.
Please keep the government away from your body people!! It's your last liberty!Your last defence. When did we stop taking care of ourselves?


Neo Conservative said...

please, please, please... don't get me started on "premier mcslippery".


Rich said...

Heh..."Lurch"....it really suits him.

Honey Pot said...

Now we will have the liberals combing the morgues wanting to parade a couple of corpses around in the next attack ad.

They have been watching way too much Al-Jazeera. Taking on the political tactics of their terrorist buddies.

First they used the Romeo LeBlanc corpse, and we all know how that turned out.

What is it with the liberals and dead bodies?

Give it a break.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Who's Iggy?

Joshua said...

"Lurch" hehe,nice one.LOL!

L said...

Hahahahahahah - I guess they planned the Barrie trip before the news that Canada has lots of vaccine. Barrie is a Conservative riding that will not switch on this issue anytime time soon!!!


Chalk this up to "Iggy's wasted summer" trying to find a relevant issue or policy. The MSM keeps desperately trying to help, but ... there is no substance to report!!

C'mon Ontario conservatives - we need you!!! Lots of people out there flagging the serious Liberal problems!!!