24 July 2009

Cops call out President McDreamy...

...and his buddy "Skip" Gates... on accusations of racial profiling...

"President Obama said that the actions of the Cambridge Police Department were stupid and linked the event to a history of racial profiling in America," Sgt. Dennis O'Connor, president of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, said at a news conference.

"The facts of this case suggest that the president used the right adjective but directed it at the wrong party."
And who exactly is the police officer being slandered sight-unseen by Obama?

Well... funny you should ask...
Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley, the cop at the center of a firestorm over the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., has taught a racial profiling class at the Lowell Police Academy for five years.

His academy class, which he teaches with a black police officer, instructs about 60 police cadets per year who spend 12 hours in the classroom, said Lowell Police Academy Director Thomas Fleming.

“He’s a very professional police officer and he’s a good role model,” Fleming said. “Former police commissioner Ronny Watson, who is a person of color, hand-picked Sgt. Crowley. ... I presume because he would be the most qualified and most professional."

BREAKING: Obama "calibrates" previous accusation
-- WASHINGTON -- Trying to tamp down an uproar over race, President Barack Obama said Friday he used an unfortunate choice of words in commenting on the arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. and could have “calibrated those words differently.”

The president said he had telephoned the white policeman who arrested Gates, and he said the conversation confirmed his belief that the officer was a good man and an outstanding officer.
Funny... not a single word about his telephone conversation with his good buddy, "Skip."

Way'ta audible, Peyton.


Can't quite get there, huh?
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs refused to say whether Obama had apologized to Crowley.

Asked repeatedly about that, Gibbs said: "If the president doesn't want to characterize it in a conversation that he hates having with you all, I'm not going to get ahead of him."

Supporters including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson called the arrest an outrageous act of racial profiling.
Anybody happen to get a soundbite from Reverend Jeremiah Wright?



Anonymous said...

The only racial profiling done in this case was by Obamasiah.

He tried and convicted a police officer because of the color of his skin.

Obama is a racist . . I guess that is what he meant by a new post racial era in America . . . now Blacks can be racist too.

Neo Conservative said...

president mcdreamy has had to eat bigtime crow on this one... and believe me... it's gonna take more than a couple of rémy martins to wash that taste outta his mouth.


syncrodox said...

I'm surprised President McDreamy didn't blame it on the guy that calibrates the TOTUS.


ddadmin said...

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Philanthropist said...

Witnesses to crime are the racists when they describe suspects to the police. In this case a cop showed up at a break-in.

By all accounts however, it sounds like the Professor is just a hot-headed ignorant old man - if the officer did confirm his identity before this guy started acting like a jerk, then the officer should have walked away.

'Contempt of Cop' charges should only be used to stop brawls or riots, not waste time on fools.

Neo Conservative said...

"phil says... the officer should have walked away."

if gates was looking to paint a picture of systemic police racism... maybe he shouldn't have started with the officer who is in charge of the department's "racial sensitivity & profiling" initiative.

and obama is backstroking away from this as hard as he can... what does that tell you?