27 July 2009

Well Waice... I'm thinkin'...

...unless Kabul or Karachi are actually on that court designated "wish list"... you're just dog-paddling in circles...

The lawyer for a member of a Montreal family that has been charged with killing other family members says he is "seriously considering" asking for a change of venue for the case due to the negative press surrounding the case in Kingston and in Montreal.

Ferdoussi says the media's talk of the crime as an "honour killing" has effectively poisoned the atmosphere in both in Kingston, where the crime happened, and Montreal, where the family lived in St. Leonard.

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"I know what it is," Waice Ferdoussi said when asked if the incident was an honour killing.

"I don't know why they are talking about it in this case. Perhaps because they from Afghanistan, maybe."
Yeah... it's a mystery.
Rona, 50, confided to her two siblings that she overheard Mr. Shafia saying he would kill his eldest daughter over her behaviour and the relationship.

What a surprise. This lawyer is, ahem, also involved in the immigration business.


Rose said...

So he doesn't want to be indified as an Honour Killer, what does he want us to call him? An alleged scum sucking murdering animal?

Perhaps a venue in Saudi Arabia would be more to his liking?

sanwin said...

What a surprise.

This lawyer is, ahem, also involved in the immigration business.


Anonymous said...

Why stop there, demand the jury be fellow Muslims (no women allowed), or better yet, invoke the right to Sharia Law. This must be a Charter Right, worthy of the Supreme Court's attention. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

Honey Pot said...

I would think they would use honour killing as a defense, plead ignorance of the Canadian laws. You just know the left-wing appeasement monkey's would be clamoring to get them off.

As new immigrants they could state there were no signs up stating you can't kill your women folk, and then they could say in mo home country it is considered my duty to kill our women, when they act like sluts, or if I want to dispose of them, which ever comes first.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... better yet, invoke the right to Sharia Law"

actually, i'm a little surprised someone hasn't tried this one on.


Kit said...

Send the trial down east... We know what to do with a man who butchers his own kin!
All he needs is a days incarceration in general population at Springhill and he'll get the real justice a man like this deserves.

Philanthropist said...

Why do these people come to the civilized world?

Immigration should do a better job of selecting immigrants, too many refuse to let go of their old ways which include too much violence and murder.

These murderers would have obviously been better off in their homelands where they can control women like they control cattle, that's perfectly acceptable in the un-civlized world and even 'progressive' Westerners want to keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

"Dog paddling" ...

Couldn't you choose a less hurtful description ... :-)

Michael St. Paul's