20 July 2009

A stark reminder...

...of the all-too-frequent "inhumanity of man"...

The area where the remains were found has been cordoned as police working with the Ontario Chief Coroner's Office and the Centre of Forensic Sciences to try to identify the remains.

-- Mount Forest -- Human remains found in southwestern Ontario are almost certainly those of Victoria Stafford, a Woodstock schoolgirl who has been missing for three months, according to the head of the provincial police.


robins111 said...

It's cases like this that makes me write my MP and the PM questioning the need for a death penalty.

I'll pull the switch.

Neo Conservative said...

you're preaching to the choir on this one.

if you weren't willing to apply it in the case of the rape-torture-murder of a child... when would you?

let's try it out on paul bernardo... and see how we all feel about it?


Louise said...

Make that three of us.

God bless her poor little soul.