28 July 2009

For some folks, apparently...

...even plenty is never enough...

A TTC ticket-taker who earned $125,000 last year is one of two transit employees collected by cops for allegedly stealing fares. Toronto Police told the Sun yesterday the two men were charged last week following an investigation by TTC special constables.

Station collector Kiran Sachdev, 56, of Toronto, is charged with four counts of failing to collect a fare and one charge of theft under $5,000. Anthony Alfano, 65, of Whitby, is charged with nine counts of failing to collect a fare and one count of theft under $5,000. Both men, who worked mostly at the Eglinton subway station, will be in College Park court Aug. 31.

Ontario's annual salary disclosure list of provincial and municipal civil servants who earn $100,000 or more shows Sachdev made $125,247.19 last year working for the TTC. Also known as the sunshine list, it shows he also made $2,089.33 in taxable benefits.


C.M. said...

A city union employee a thief? Kinda redundant statement don't cha think?

Neo Conservative said...

and the union will be right there for these guys... claiming that they have personal issues, perhaps a problem with substance or alcohol abuse... and after a bit of "counseling"... they'll get their jobs back.

no such thing as a bad boy any more.


langmann said...

Is this guy an average ticket taker? $125,000! They seriously cannot all make this much?

In perspective, Family Physician with 10 years of education take home around that much on average.

(I am in favor of free market principles for setting wages, however when the government sets wages I wonder at the perspective.)

Neo Conservative said...

at ttc... you can take on as much ovetime as you want... the work is always there.

just something to think about the next time you see a haggard looking bus, streetcar or train operator.

it's also why ttc management has been trying to break down union resistance to part-time workers... the cost of the overtime is killing them.


JA Goneaux said...

Many of these TTC guys score big on the "relief" crews, i.e., they go around the system allowing ticket takers bathroom breaks. I don't have a problem with that.

I do have a problem that this is handled, as you say, by overtime. Make it a full time position, fill it with junior or old timers who still want to work and be done with it.

As for overtime: I have a theory about the strike and Miller. He "negotiates" for a month, union workers lose their wages but then make all that back on overtime cleaning up the mess they created in the first place...