29 July 2009

Comedians pile on

"What's his black anthem? We shall overeat?"

Wilmore noted that Gates had said "yo mama" during his confrontation with Crowley. "How many decades has he been holding that in?"

"Did he call him a jive turkey, too?"

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As an attorney, when a police officer stops you and says, "I smell alcohol on your breath. Have you been drinking?" -- the correct response is never -- "Officer, I see powdered sugar on your chin."

"Have you been eating jelly donuts?"


Anonymous said...

Those that holler racism are usually the real racists.

Patsplace said...

The Empty Suits instant comment of Stupid Cops is about on the same level as the instant response of Damn Niggers. Racism is not a white thing by any means. It comes in all the colours.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing professor gates and president mcdreamy would disagree.


JA Goneaux said...

Oh no, Patsplace. I learned years ago from Avvy Go, a professional racial educator, that only whites could be racist....and if you can't trust professional racial educator, who can you trust?