19 July 2009

A wrinkly, constipated future?

The transformation of developed societies - either into old folks' homes (like Japan) or semi-Islamized dystopias (like Amsterdam, Brussels, etc) - will lead, in fact, to emigration

"In 2055, people will come to work when they have time off from long-term care," said Kiyoaki Fujiwara, director of economic policy at the Japan Business Federation.
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Philanthropist said...

The 'sixties' generation has taught Westerners to despise themselves, and it's worked. We will eliminate ourselves through de-population while other cultures rapidly expand.

Western ideology and idealism that led to the individual liberty of millions of people, personal freedoms unimaginable to anyone a century ago, and the wealth to enjoy it all have also allowed an ideology of hatred to flourish as well. Based in self-hatred it is usually then projected at others in various forms of socialism but more recently as environmentalism.

L said...


That is bull.

James Higham said...

Immigration is going to be much harder later.

Philanthropist said...


That is truth.