12 July 2009

The Wonder Years

Newly minted teenager Neophyte had a buddy "sleep over" last night. Of course, in a particularly male rite-of-passage... they actually stayed up all night playing video games.

And this morning, it is a point of pride, to not be the first one to crash and burn.

A test of manhood, not unlike jousting.

Now, I'm guessing all the moms out there are just shaking their heads at what they perceive to be male assininity, but it makes perfect sense to me.

I have told Mrs Neo that men and women are actually two different species... from two different planets... who happened, somehow, to end up on Earth together.

And when we don't see eye to eye on something like this, I simply say... "Well, that's how we do it on our planet."

It's as close to explaining things as I can get.



Alberta Girl said...

As the mother of all girls - I can attest that it isn't just the males that prove their staying power by staying up all night.

My husband used to call them "wake-overs"!

Neo Conservative said...

well... there you go... it ain't just the people from my planet after all.


Anonymous said...

It's all good fun Neo...they will thank you later, and they will know that you have a 'home'.
Some of our best memories are those giddy all-night so-called sleepovers.The girls were amazed, because not all parents 'allowed' it in their 'houses'.


Neo Conservative said...

neophyte's a good kid... he has earned my trust.

and when i know i can trust him, i cut him some slack.

everybody wins.