27 July 2009

First he got spanked by Mark Steyn

Wow... talk about the very definition of "live and don't learn."

Aren't you squirming in your seat right now? Has this news not just made your entire life worth living again?? Don't lie.
Yeeeeeeehaw!!! Ezra Levant rides again...
They say there are two ways to really get to know someone: marry them, or go into business with them. I think there's a third: get into a lawsuit against them.

I know a bit about Awan now; but by the time we're through, I think I'm going to know an awful lot more about him -- and about the bigoted Canadian Islamic Congress for which he acted as their youth president.


Anonymous said...

I thought the other real way to know a person is to share an inheritance with them.

rabbit said...

Awan's main bitch is that when he attacks Levant's right to free speech, Ezra defends himself.

Neo Conservative said...

my guess is... by the time this circus is all over... this dumbstick is gonna be twitchin' and jumpin' every time he hears the word "ezra".


robins111 said...

Isn't this sort of a case of, "load gun, point gun at groin, put finger on trigger, etc.

That poor pathetic fool, Awan-a-get out-of-this